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My Story

Licensed and registered counsellor (KB PA)

Further training 

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy(EMDR) level 1

Practice and Principle of Safe Trauma Therapy 

Acceptance Commitment Therapy

Metaphoric Card (Oh card)  

Sandtray Therapy

Filial Play Skills


Welcome to counselling! As you are browsing this page, you come into being aware of your mental health. Kudos to you. I wish you to know that I understand wholeheartedly that taking the first step in engaging in a counselling relationship is not always easy. It is common to be concerned about the ‘unknown’ and you may have questions. Questions are welcome! Ask them anytime and I can be reached at following paragraph is to share with you a brief overview of what we will be doing in counselling. 

At the beginning, I will gain an understanding on what brought you to counselling at this time being. I will get to know you and learn your life story. As your life story unfolds, we will explore how you come about behave the way you behave and feel the way you feel. I will support your experience and perspectives by providing a safe and nonjudgmental space. We will look at the past and look at the future. We will explore how to build on your strengths and resources. No one person is the same, you are unique and so are challenges that bring you to counselling. Our counselling sessions are meant for you to be your most authentic self. Our work together is based on mutual respect and our relationship is the foundation of successful counselling. My role is to work in partnership with you to improve your life and provide you with the continuity of mental health care. Together we will set goals to lessen your discomfort and prioritize your welfare.

I am honored to be part of your self-discovery and healing journey. I look forward to working with you in counselling and I hold the opportunity to work with you in high regard. 

About me

Prior to setting up BAE Counselling & Therapy Centre, I had been working as a lecturer teaching undergraduate psychology and postgraduate counselling subjects in Monash University Malaysia for several years. It is my greatest privileges to have taught and supervised undergraduate psychology and postgraduate counselling students. Currently, I serve as an adjunct lecturer in Department of Psychology Monash University Malaysia and associate counsellor in Sols Health. 

Also, I was involved in a correctional facility center in Minnesota, USA where I was exposed to convicts’ group, individual and systemic (family) counselling. Beside that, I have gained hundreds of hours working with young adults where I served as an industrial educator in a public listed company in Kuala Lumpur. 

In addition to my professional work routine, I enjoy spending time with my family and I have always enjoyed motherhood.

注册执政心理咨询师 (国家认证-马来西亚政府部门心理咨询机构)






在还没有成立BAE心理咨询中心前的好几年我从事的职业是心理学讲师,任职于莫纳斯大学(Monash University)马来西亚分校。基本上大部份的时间担任的是心理辅导教育工作者(研究生),其与的时间教的是心理学课系里的课目(本科)。在这之前我累积了好几百小时的经验帮助囚犯(明尼苏达州,美国)和青年(吉隆坡,马来西亚)。现阶段,除了BAE心理咨询中心的职务,我也是莫纳斯大学的客席讲师(adjunct lecturer)和Sols Health的心理咨询师。

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