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Through the eyes of Genevieve…

“You are a beautiful, scented candle,
I am merely a wooden matchstick for you to rekindle the spark of your brightly glowing flame”

           ~ I find myself captivated with the joy of bringing peace and comfort to the variously-seasoned inner worlds of others. I feel called to reach out to bring healing to those experiencing brokenness and facing difficult episodes in their life. For those overwhelmed with hopelessness and despair, I seek to bring hope ~

            Relationships are of immense value to me as I see the inevitable need

for us to feel cherished, cared for and connected to those around us.

As disappointments and difficulties in romantic relationships, friendships and other social interactions often affect our mental and emotional well-being, I wish to assist individuals and couples in cultivating meaningful connections, adopting healthy communication patterns and building a strong network of support so as to live a happy, enriched life.

At the heart of all relationships lies the most significant relationship of all:
the relationship we have with ourselves.

Conflicts within the deepest parts of ourselves could disconnect us from who we truly are and from the ones we love. These inner conflicts manifest in various areas of our lives and bring pain and distress. For all of you who are experiencing this, I am here to grow with you towards a sense of peace, meaning and even joy that comes with nurturing a healed, healthy and harmonious relationship with yourself.

No matter if you are grieving a loss, coping with the pain of a broken relationship,

feeling isolated, stressed or anxious,

facing decision-making dilemmas

or dealing with any other challenges within or beyond the self,

I am here to listen to your story and be your companion

as you navigate the healing, growth and change you desire into your life.

Genevieve’s background

            Genevieve is a licensed and registered counsellor with the Board of Counsellors Malaysia. She has completed her PhD on a full scholarship offered by Monash University
and her research work examined marital satisfaction, marital interactions,
childhood memories and the impact of the family-of-origin.

Previously, Genevieve graduated first class in both Master of Professional Counselling (Monash University) and BSc (Hons) Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience (University of Nottingham). She has also researched depression and trauma as well as deepened her knowledge in understanding and identifying special educational needs.

Among her publications are “How Easy is it to Read the Minds of People with Autism Spectrum Disorder?”, a co-authored research article on Autism and the Theory of Mind, and Midnights With God, a self-published poetry anthology. 

Genevieve finds great joy and fulfilment in outreach activities, community workshops and corporate projects. She facilitates programmes and workshops for awareness, insight and growth on self-discovery, relationship enhancement, personal safety, meaningful coping practices and mental health awareness. Through her counselling, Genevieve journeys with individuals from all walks of life.

Do reach out to me...

If you find yourself seeking a safe space to express your thoughts and feelings, I invite you to a comfortable and confidential environment for you to relax… unwind… and release all that distresses you - life stresses, intrusive thoughts, painful memories, worries and fears. I am most honoured to listen non-judgmentally with an open mind and heart to anything you may wish to confidentially share with me and to walk with you towards reducing and resolving the distress you may be facing.

I welcome you to BAE Counselling & Therapy Centre to begin our counselling journey together.

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