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Alix's Story

Alix received her Master’s Degree of Professional Counselling from Monash University and her Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Psychology from Lancaster University. She is a licensed and registered counsellor with the Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia. Prior to joining the helping profession, she had more than 10 years of experience in corporate and entrepreneurial work. Besides her work in private practice she is also involved in voluntary work with at risked children by supporting their social and emotional well-being. Her interest in the field stems from her personal crisis of finding herself. She believes it is vital to be in touch with your true Self and nurturing the Self for healing and growth to happen.  Hence, in sessions the focus would be on you.

Further Training

Jungian Sand Tray Therapy Skills

Child and Teen Counselling Techniques

Expressive Art Techniques

Metaphoric Cards Training

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Level 1)

Filial Play Skills with Caregivers

Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis

Therapy Approach

My approach towards therapy would always evolve around the secure relationship built with you; my client. You may feel weird or even downright uncomfortable talking to a stranger about the issues you are facing at first which absolutely make sense. The only request I asked of you is to allow us the opportunity to explore in depth the meaningful life you've always wanted.

This journey into to the Self sometimes may not be pleasant due to the uncovering of repressed issues which may bring out difficult feelings and memories. Hence, I am here to walk you through, to provide you the support and non-biased third person perspectives.

I work with people from myriad backgrounds and I have interest in creative personal work both with adults and children in addition to verbal therapy. I utilize various creative works such as sand play, drawings, journals and clay work to help clients to explore about themselves in a safe environment.

In my sessions, I usually work within the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy methods to tap into important values of my clients to promote a more meaningful life and various Jungian methods to get to know yourself better. I may also use assessments such as the DISC Assessment, Career Construction Interview for career explorations if you have any queries about your career.

My Aspiration

As a therapist, it would be my greatest joy to see clients to be in touch with themselves and to be congruent whenever possible. Sometimes, external change may not be possible but, internal change is.

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