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Procrastination: The Other Side of the Coin

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

In my previous blog post, we dissected the parts in procrastination and learnt micro ways to manage procrastination. We also understand and embrace the humanness in ourselves to strategise small victories against procrastination, the enemy lurking in the shadow of productivity.

Now, let us also give procrastination a fair trial to redeem itself. What I mean is, procrastination might actually be a good thing. Sometimes, waiting in putting off tasks can be like a superhero in disguise! Let's explore how, shall we?

1. Surprise Thinktank!

Imagine you have to build a big, amazing tree house. If you start building right away, you might make a regular treehouse. But, if you wait, your brain keeps thinking about it when you're playing or munching on "keropok". Suddenly, you might think, "What if my treehouse had a slide or a secret hiding place?"

Waiting a bit can make your ideas grow from tiny seeds into big, beautiful flowers! Procrastination can act as incubation period for ideas. Even when you delay working on a task, your subconscious continues to process and refine your ideas, often leading to more creativce solutions.

2. Racing Against Time

Waiting to do something means you have less time to do it later, right? But here's the fun part – it turns into a race! You become like Speedy Gonzales, doing things super-fast and super-well because you know you can't waste any time. The stakes are too high for any mistakes. Your adrenaline is pumping, it's thrilling, like a race car zooming towards the finish line! Some of us perform in high stress time and that produces excellent results. The lesson here is, know yourself well and be uniquely you!

3. Choosing the Best

Procrastinating helps you choose what's really important, like picking the best toy to play with. If you keep ignoring a certain chore, maybe it's not that important. But if something feels really important, like feeding your child, you won't wait long to do it! So, it's time to reprioritise your values.

4. Breakkie Time!

Taking a break and waiting to do your work is like taking in a long deep breath to fill your lungs with oxygen. You took a long deep breath in (that's like procrastinating), relax , hold your breath a little bit, and then finally release the built-up breath with an energetic sigh to finish your task. This break can make you feel refreshed and ready to conquer the world!

5. Magic Formula of Decisions

Waiting to make a decision is like mixing the most awesome-mest magic potion with the best ingredients that we can think of. It gives your brain extra time to think about all the choices, and often, you end up making a really good one. It's like taking time to choose the tastiest flavour of ice cream!

But remember this: if we always wait and wait, we might miss out on some really cool stuff. It's like waiting too long to eat your ice cream and finding it all melted and sad. So, a little bit of waiting is fun, but not too much!

The Fun Side of Waiting! So, there you have it – procrastination isn't always the villain; sometimes, it's the fun sidekick that helps you in sneaky ways. Next time you wait to do something, think about all the cool benefits you might be getting.

Just remember, balance is key – a bit of waiting is okay, but too much waiting and you might miss the ice cream truck!

Stay playful and keep exploring! And remember, whether you're building treehouses, solving mysteries, or picking the best toys, a little bit of procrastination can make your adventures even more exciting!

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