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What is the Deal with Mental Health? 5 Ways to Describe Mental Health

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

In conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month in October, I just want to say Mental Health is not a sexy deal, the word “mental” already is an indication that there is something wrong with the mind, followed by “psycho”. They both have been competing to get the Rotten Tomato Award in human experience. What about therapy? Oh dear…

Most of us want to wear Victoria Secret, Hugo Boss… Those are sexy brands! But mental health? Its not sexy but its an essential. It is the undies… The basic wear. Mental health is the essential to our overall well-being.

Photo by Zhuo Cheng you on Unsplash

Mental health refers to the well-being of our internal structure that is not visible to the naked eyes… BUT, it doesn’t mean it is not there. Let’s look at mental health in a different context, a more relatable one:

  1. Mental Health: It's Your Feelings’ and Mind’s Maintenance Service!

    • Your mind and feelings need some TLC too, not just your hair or your pet goldfish.

    • It's like a car – if you don't do regular check-ups, it might break down on the highway of life.

2. Happiness is Not Overrated!

  • Mental health is like the ultimate happiness booster, and who doesn't want to be happier?

  • If happiness were a sport, mental health would be your Most Valuable Player, scoring those feel-good points!

3. Stress is Basically a Gremlin (Don't Feed It After Midnight)

  • Mental health helps you manage stress. Without it, stress can multiply like those little monsters.

  • You don't want a bunch of stress gremlins running amok in your brain – they're real party crashers.

4. Relationships: They Love You More When You're Not a Stressball!

  • Good mental health makes you a better friend, partner, and family member.

  • No one wants to hang out with the human equivalent of a soggy, stressed-out sponge.

5. Productivity: Mental Health = Your Superpower Food!

  • When your mind and spirit are in tip-top shape, you can conquer tasks like a superhero.

  • Who needs a cape when you've got a clear, focused Self? Mental health is your secret weapon!

A healthy mental health looks like:

There will still be stressors in life, like exams, workload, family demands, and all those that come with the package of being.

What could be different will be the impact they have on us.

For example; We might be stressed out when it comes to exam time, we will be worried that we can not finish studying the subjects that might leads to us doing bad in exams (which is very likely) and also the thoughts of the aftermath. That stress we felt, might crippled our productivity because of its overwhelming load, then our animal instincts a.k.a defense mechanism kicks in and we might freeze (stop studying), fight (rushing through) or flight (being ignorant of its presence).

Now, with a better mental health, we are prepared to face the exam, our thoughts and feelings are well organised to do the tasks ahead. We have a better internal monologue of ourselves which is encouraging and not self-defeating.

So how does this sound like? Better?

Give some serious thoughts about mental health. Do some self-audit of where your mental health is right now. If you need guidance to go about it, do some research about the available help in your community and reach out to them. You don't need a problem to have a mental health check-up. Remember! Maintenance maintenance maintenance.


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