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My Story

​I received my Master’s Degree of Professional Counselling from Monash University and Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Psychology from Lancaster University/Sunway University. I am a licensed and registered counsellor with the Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia. Prior to joining the helping profession, I had 13 years of experience working in sales and entrepreneurial work.


Besides my work in private practice I was also involved in voluntary work with at risked children by supporting their social and emotional well-being. My interest in the field stems from my own personal crisis of finding what was good for me then. I believe it is important to be in touch with our true Self and nurturing the Self for healing and growth to move forward in life.  Hence, in sessions the focus would be on you.


Further Training

Postgraduate Certificate in Satir System Brief Therapy

Emotion Focused Therapy (Level 2)

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individual and Couples (towards certification)

Jungian Sand Tray Therapy Skills

Child and Teen Counselling Techniques

Expressive Art Techniques

Metaphoric Cards Training

Filial Play Skills with Caregivers

Certified Facilitator for Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis


Ways I Conduct My Sessions

My approach towards therapy would always evolve around the secure relationship built between you and me before we embark on the process of finding solutions to your issues. You may feel weird or even downright uncomfortable talking to me, a stranger about the issues you are facing  which absolutely make sense.


However, it is better to go into battle with a partner than to go alone. Let me be your partner. The only request I asked from you is to allow us the opportunity to explore in depth the meaningful life you've always wanted.


This journey into the Self sometimes may not be pleasant due to the uncovering of repressed issues which may bring out difficult feelings and memories. Hence, I am here to walk you through, to provide you the support and non-biased third person perspectives.


In my sessions, I will be looking through the lens of attachment. Attachment do not end with childhood, we carry out attachment styles into our adulthood. It is survival instincts to us. This mold us into the way we interact with our environment and people around us. So, it is important that we give our focus and attention to this to find our way out from the distress.


There will be light at the tunnel and you will choose the doors of your choice. See me as your light and you, the choice maker of your path.


What I'm Good at:

Currently, I worked with individuals who are having issues with overwhelming emotions which made them feel stuck in certain areas of their lives. Most common issues faced are anxiety and feeling depressed. I have also worked extensively with clients who had experienced traumas during childhood or a significant period of their lives and are not able to resolve them or have no idea of the impact of the traumas in their lives. Hence their daily lives were badly affected by their coping styles which were not bringing them much reliefs. 


I also have the privileged to be working with various couples who were disconnected, and finding it hard to get back to each other. I helped them to track their unhealthy cycles, to bring awareness of the impact from each others' actions on their relationships as well as finding success through reparative work.


Our Sessions Together Looked Like:


A collaboration where I can make wrong assumptions (tell me I'm wrong and it's OK to do that) and I will always check in with you so I can help piece the picture and explore with you only when you feel it is the right one. Advises are a no-no with me but most times, you will find your own answers within yourself (I do not give advise because my advise comes from my own lived experience and they are not helpful to your lived experiences). 


Exploration takes a lot of your energy and effort to dive in depth into your stories where you can be uncomfortable at times. This is very essential because we want to go to the place where you're stuck and try to unknot it. I will also be checking in on your internal experiences such as the impact of significant past events, childhood memories, and early years learnings. ​These experiences built our foundation of coping. I believe the issues are not the problem, the problem is in the ways we cope. 

My Aspiration

As a therapist, it would be my greatest joy to see clients getting in touch with themselves and to have their heart and mind aligned. Sometimes, external change may not be possible but, internal change is.

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