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8 elements of the Self to Evaluate, Adjust, and Just Be

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"Marie Kondo-ing" your life is about more than just tidying up your physical space; it's a metaphor for organizing and refreshing your life in a meaningful way. Imagine it like doing a yearly check-up for your inner self. This process can help clear out the clutter in your mind and heart, making room for new experiences and opportunities. When you declutter, you're not just getting rid of things – you're acknowledging their past importance and expressing gratitude as you let them go.

In a previous blog, I introduced the concept of understanding the Self. Think of that as the basic level, a warm-up. Now, we're diving deeper, into the intermediate level. We're going to look at eight different aspects of the Self. It's a bit like exploring a complex, fascinating world within you.

Embarking on this self-exploration journey can feel daunting at first, especially if you're not used to introspection. But don't worry; this is a safe and nurturing process. It's all about self-care and taking the time to understand and organize our thoughts, emotions, and goals. Just like how Marie Kondo asks us to consider what sparks joy in our homes, we'll consider what brings joy and meaning to our inner selves. Let's begin this journey of self-discovery and make room for a clearer, more purposeful life.

Virginia Satir's Self-Care Mandala is a holistic model for well-being, designed to encourage a balanced and fulfilling life. It's essentially a guide to nurturing different aspects of yourself. Here's a simple breakdown of the 8 aspects of the Seld for living a more intentional and purposeful life.

1.      Body

(I’m leaving the more complex details to the experts). However, we can start with some basic bodily functions like sleep, eating habits, and agility. Are there any aches that you’ve been experiencing lately? How about a body check-up?

2.      Intellectual

The mind’s work. Is your mind stimulated? Are you learning new things to keep your brain active and curious? Or are you overstimulating your mind and that you may need to take a step back and tone it down a bit?

3.      Spiritual

This is quite an epic area of finding meaning and purpose in life, which can involve religious beliefs, can be meditation, or simply connecting with nature. I know finding purpose is such a heavy statement but remember, it may not necessarily be a big impactful purpose of saving the world. It can be just experiencing life as a purpose.

4.      Emotional

Acknowledging and expressing your feelings in a healthy way. It’s important to understand your emotions and deal with them constructively. Are there intense emotions which you are trying to block or avoid? Are you able to experience all the emotions?

5.      Sensory

Engaging with all our 5 senses; taste, touch, auditory, smell, and sight. Are we aware of these senses in the present moment?

6.      Nutritional

Not just the balanced nutrients for maintaining our well-being but also being mindful of what goes into your body.

7.      Interactional

This is about building and maintaining healthy connections with others. It includes interacting with friends, family and the community and being supportive and compassionate to yourself and others. It is good to keep connections that enrich us and try to filter out those that are draining and unhealthy.

8.      Contextual

Being in harmony with your surroundings and taking care of the space you occupy. It involves creating a comfortable, nurturing environment to feel safe and secure for growth to happen.


This summed up to be what we call self-care. So, it’s about time you get organised in your self-care journey.

Note: The aim is not to hit jackpots for all the 8 aspects but to also strike a balance, your own balance to nurture yourself in this coming year ahead and also for many more years to come. Remember, it is alright if you don’t get them all now. It is all about progress not perfection.

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